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Poll: Will You Stop By the Barneys Warehouse Sale Before It Ends?

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For the most part, the Barneys Warehouse Sale has gotten some pretty harsh reviews, with one of our commenters declaring, "This is Barneys way of telling everyone you have enough stuff." So far, the selection of other stuff at the sale—like the past-season shoes and surplus of colored denim—hasn't been so hot. But despite lackluster reports, it seems people are still going.

The sale is scheduled to wrap up this Sunday, which means there are only five more days to head over if you were planning to do so. The discounts are meager so far, but those should (hopefully) get better soon. So: Will you be hitting up the sale before it closes? Let us know in the poll after the jump, or argue your case in the comments.

Poll results

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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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