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The Line Outside the Barneys Warehouse Sale Is Slowly Building

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The Barneys Warehouse Sale opens today at 8am, and it will be the last one at the Chelsea Co-op location. That being said, all bets are off this time around. Racked Associate Editor Nicola Fumo is on deck checking out the morning line. Read her full report below.

7:30am: Just got here! There are roughly about 60 people in line so far. It's almost an even split between guys and girls.

7:35am: People are joining the line in small groups, about a person for every minute that goes by. Everyone is calm, drinking coffee, and iPhoning away.

7:37am: Someone in line near me is explaining to another person about the online site. Now the change in management.

7:40am: In addition to Barneys shoppers walking up to join the line, there's also a procession of young kids walking to school passing by.

7:44am: We're getting a couple of weird "what is this line for" looks from the parents walking their kids to school.

7:52am: The line has just about doubled behind me. I'd say there are probably around 100 people queued up.

8:00am: A mom and daughter by me say that they browsed the online sale a little bit, but waited for the physical sale, with hopes that it's worth waiting in the cold for.

8:03am: The line is moving! Everyone's being let in.

8:05am: The security guards are all smiles.

8:07am: Long gone are the days of shopping with trash bags! The bags now have nice little handles.

8:10am: Alright, time to check out the shoes!

Stay tuned for our full reports from inside, which will include run downs of the shoes, women's clothing, and menswear. In the meantime, consult our survival guide on how to make the most of the sale.
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