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The Barneys Warehouse Sale Survival Guide, February 2013

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Though the Barneys Warehouse Sale already started online earlier this month, the physical Chelsea sale starts this Thursday, February 14th. And it's the last sale that will take place at 255 W. 17th Street; in August, the sale will relocate a block away, where it will mostly focus on men's merchandise.

That being said, we're not quite sure what to expect this time around. Will it include a heavy abundance of women's designer and ready-to-wear? Or will the company start whittling down those offerings now? Either way, we don't recommend braving it without a solid game plan. Read on for a few pro tips on how to take full advantage of the last sale in the old location.

1. Know what you're in for on opening day.
As usual, the sale will open at 8am on the first day. In August, even though the online component had been introduced a few days earlier, shoppers still queued up in Chelsea. At around 7am, the line was about fifty-people deep, but by 8am, only eighty or so had congregated. If you're planning to do that too, check out the new sale site ahead of time for an idea on what to expect, price-wise. Per usual, the items aren't any more discounted than they were on the last day they sat on the sales floor.

2. Wait for markdowns.
Now that the online sale exists permanently, if you're going to shop the sale in person, it's probably a good idea to wait a few days for additional markdowns—otherwise, you might as well just shop it from the comfort of your couch. We'll keep you as updated as possible on when the markdowns hit and how steep they get, so keep checking back for updates. And as always, the tipline is always open.

3. If you want those Louboutins from last season, buy them now or forever hold you peace.
As mentioned above, big changes are coming to future sales (which could potentially include this one.) Basically, the product will begin to shift toward menswear for the summer sale, so if you've been eyeing up the same pair of Louboutins or Manolos for a few seasons now, or finally want to splurge a little in the women's designer section instead of sticking to the Co-op, this could be your last chance.

4. Be nice.
We say this every year, but kindness can go a long way at the Barneys Warehouse Sale. Some of those markdowns can be confusing—like, what really is the difference between men's trousers and men's casual pants?—but arguing over a few bucks at the register isn't going to get you very far with the staff. Instead, act like a nice, polite adult who's just trying to relish the last sale in the Chelsea warehouse.

Looking for additional tips? Since we've been hitting this sale up for years, there's tons of little nuggets of wisdom in our archives. For a full run-down of hours, see the dealfeed below.
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