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Prabal Gurung for Target Drew a Ravenous Crowd in Harlem

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After months of waiting, the Prabal Gurung for Target collaboration officially hits stores today at 8am. Racked correspondent Cambrey Thomas is on scene at the East Harlem location scoping out the scene. Read her full report below.

7:55am: Good morning! I'm approaching the store now and I'm not seeing too much activity.

7:56am: The line is about forty people deep, and staffers are letting everyone know that you can only buy five pieces of one particular item.

8:00am: The line is a surprising mix of girls and guys, and some people are actually just here for Target. There's one guy who's buying a TV.

8:05am: A Target employee says the crowd is about average size. And apparently the shoes are no good.

8:06am: We also hear that no one likes the teal and coral dress with the black fake belt.

8:07am: I'm in! One lady near me remarked that the everyone is acting like "a bunch of vultures." I'd say all the women are grabby but polite.

8:10am: Okay, everything floral has been snatched. But management says they will restock!

8:11am: A lot of people are running toward the blue jacket.

8:13am: Someone is clapping in the distance. One shopper commented that it was a "two second rush" and another said there's "blood in the water."

8:14am: The color pieces are definitely the most popular. People are finally, though, picking up the black and white pieces. Small sizes are gone now.

8:16am: There's only one of every jewelry item left, and three styles are already totally gone.

8:17am: Someone just yelled "follow that man!" It's a staffer pushing a rack of new merchandise.

8:20am: The shoes are very much depleted.

8:25am: The shirts are gone, and there's one blue jacket left. The red and blue sweaters are very unpopular, and everyone is avoiding the tanks. Confused people are picking up brights that aren't Prabal and then putting them back.

8:27am: The yellow dress is very unpopular.

8:30am: The crowd is really thinning, I'm assuming that means everyone is trying stuff on.

8:31am: Oh. My. God. A woman lost her cart full of "everything."

8:35am: But seriously, everyone here is being so nice to each other. I've never seen people this nice at any type of sale. One woman just gave the last sweatshirt to another shopper who wanted it more.

8:36am: And on that note, I'm going to take advantage of the camaraderie and shop. Stay tuned for a follow-up post from inside!

Update: Here's our full report! You can also follow along with the madness in Los Angeles and San Francisco on our sister sites.
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