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What's Left of Prabal Gurung x Target in East Harlem

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It was a scene of polite piranhas out for Prabal at the Target in East Harlem this morning. Shoppers who'd patiently stood in line since 6:45am wasted no time in finding their most coveted pieces once the doors opened at 8am.

While a few shoppers were there for regular Sunday morning shopping, most were buzzing over whether to snatch up the shorts, blazer, or shoes first. Frenzied ladies pillaged the Prabal display, leaving stragglers and latecomers with little hope for more than picked over castoffs.

The floral blazer and multicolored striped shirt dresses went first, followed by the black and multicolored striped shorts and the trippy patterned sweatshirt. Then the peplum tops and blue/green color-blocked skirts. Next everyone seemed to flock to the bright blue leather jackets, leaving just one on the hanger. Pretty soon it was just large sizes left across the board.

Color, prints, and bold looks were clearly the big draw for shoppers, as most solids, staple pieces, and black and white items hung untouched on the racks.

Once there was a mention of shoes, everyone made a mad dash over and decimated the small section. Jewelry followed suit, with three items completely sold out and only one of everything else left before 8:30am.

An employee wheeled out a few more racks to replenish stocks and was gently mobbed before he could get the items to the floor. Once people left to try on, the merch that didn't fit or went over the "five of each item max" rule was put back.

Employees stood by watchfully in case the crowd turned mob, but everyone was endearingly polite to each other. But by the end of the hour, early bird shoppers had taken most of everything and the stragglers were left to side-eye each other's armfuls.

Once the crowd thinned out and Target returned to normal, the Prabal section still had a large selection of tank tops, long sleeved shirts, cardigans of all colors, ruffled yellow dresses, white mesh tees and pretty much all black and white items including dresses, tops and skirts.

Luckily for them, and for you, shoes and accessories will be restocked in three weeks.—Cambrey Thomas

Update: Scratch that last bit of good news. We're now told that Target will not be restocking, so if you're hankering for some Prabal, get there soon.
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