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This Morning's Lululemon Sale Got Off To a Peppy Start

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Lululemon's massive warehouse sale opens at 8am this morning at Nassau Coliseum. Racked contributor Kiran signed up to brave the scene; her report from inside is below.

Image via @lululemonWHUS

7:58am Good morning! I just took the MTA bus over from the LIRR station and am walking through the parking lot now. Bring cash if you're driving. It's $10 for parking, and cars are being turned away if they don't have cash.

8:05am: I just walked in. There's a line inside the coliseum basically snaking along the sales floor. There's maybe 100 people in here, and the bag and coat check seems optional.

8:10am: And there's a DJ playing salsa music and Lulu staffers with cheerleader pompoms.

8:13am: Tons of staff energy, but this looks like a pre-work shopping crowd.

8:20am: The line is moving in big sections, in 10 minutes I've gotten to the other side of the floor. I should be in within 30 minutes.

8:21am: It's mostly ladies on line, but there are some boyfriends too. Of course nearly everyone is in Lulu gear.

8:30am: There's a stage for the DJ booth. A male staffer is doing headstands next to the DJ.

8:25am: It look me about an hour to get here on the LIRR and bus—sometimes not having a drivers license sucks. Luckily the train was empty.

8:30am: The girl in front of me is in scrubs. She was working all night and came here because she read about Lulu's no sale policy.

8:35am: Here's the price list: Socks are $4, accessories are $9, dresses, bodysuits, and mats are $19, bras are $22, shorts are $29, tanks are $32, tops are $39, crops are $45, pants are $55, jackets are $89, and outerwear is $99.

8:40am: Okay, so the line isn't moving anymore and it's piling up behind me. The ladies around me on line are super fit.

8:45am: The scene has mellowed out a bit; head stands guy seems to have needed a break. Oh but wait—the DJ is now playing '90s dance music. When I was zooming through the concession area they were setting up games with prizes.
Very caranival-esque.

8:50am: Head stand guy is back.

8:52am: I can see the end of the queue! I have one more loop to go. No movement again but I can see the sales floor better. Guys' stuff looks to be on the right side, and ladies' starting behind the stage. It's organized by size and is not too crowded. It's hard to tell the staff and shoppers apart since they're all in Lulu gear.

8:55am: This is nothing like the NYC sample sales I'm used to but it's still early. I think the crowds will come this afternoon.

9:00am: I can see the size 2 and 4 racks from here. There aren't too many shoppers at them and the racks are full and organized.

9:05am: I'm in!

Update: Here's our full report from inside.
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