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Yogis Take Over at Lululemon's YogaBowl Warehouse Sale

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Lululemon's warehouse sale kicked off this morning at Nassau Coliseum, and it's certainly not for the faint of heart. We've already given you a snippet of the line situation, but things only got more peppy and energetic from there. The YogaBowl floor (the floor of the Coliseum) featured a pumping sound system and an eager DJ coaching shoppers through dance-offs (with prizes to be won), plus there was tons of shoppers' adrenaline pulsing through the space.

Despite all this energy, it was totally possible to get zen with the 75% off retail shopping experience itself. The sales floor was neatly organized by size, there was plenty of space between the racks, and there was enough room on the sidelines to sort through your pickings.

Generally, the sale is laid out like a playing field. First, menswear is organized by size (small through x-large), and behind it is the womenswear (sizes 2 through 12). Tops are on the left and bottoms are on the right. If you know your size and what you're looking for, this will be a cakewalk.

For the ladies, we saw all kinds of past season Lululemon merchandise. While the oferrings varied significantly by size, many of the styles looked familiar—they're from the brand's current "we made too much" sale section on the website. Here's a breakdown:

Smaller Sizes: The offerings mainly included plenty of tees and tops ($36), crops ($45) and a variety of sportsbras and shorts ($22 and $29).

Mid-Range Sizes: Sizes 6 through 8 had the best selection. Not only was there plenty of recent merchandise, but there was also loads of older color-ways, specialty apparel (including the recent SeaWheeze running line), and loads of tanks ($32), jackets ($69), and pants ($55).

Sizes 10 and Up: The offerings here were less consistent, but that only makes the shopping experience that much more fun. There were more one-off pieces, great color combos, and utilitarian outwear ($99).

Unfortunately, for guys, the selection was slim and we wouldn't recommend heading all the way to Long Island if that's what you're after. The only highlight was a large selection of Sea Wheeze-branded running gear and tons of Lululemon's totally practical and NYC-friendly commuter bicycling pants ($55). Size large will have the best luck, and size small will have the slimmest pickings.

Along the back wall is the girls' Iviva line. Also organized by size, this stuff is super cute. Think graphic hoodies, sparkle-embellished track jackets, and mini-sized versions of Lululemon's infamous groove pants. Nothing from this line is over $55. Since the girls' line goes up to kids' size 14, loads of smaller women were trolling the racks for gear for themselves. We recommend you do the same.

The accessories selection was slim by the time we made it there (at the very back of the sales floor). No men's accessories and no yoga mats to be seen. Handbags were flying quickly, but there were boatloads of women's lace-embellished undies ($4).

A snapshot of the full price list and some of the offerings are in the gallery above; but Lululemon promises constant restocking, so the playing field is sure to change as the weekend progresses.

Other things to keep in mind: They accept only credit or debit cards, there's a limit on purchases (20 Lululemon items and 20 Iviva items per person), and there are no restrooms on the sales floor. The communal dressing room is largely public, so don't plan on using it unless you want to show off your hot yoga bod.

We recommend that you continue to keep your eye on the brand's warehouse sale Twitter handle, and share your tips and experiences in the comments below.— Kiran
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