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A Tasteful Scented Candle You Can Gift a Guy

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Today's pick comes from Racked National columnist Frank Gargione.

The Leather Mahogany Candle by Kobo, $38 at Sprout Home

Scented candles conjure images of huge hunks of pie-and-spice-stinking wax stuffed into clunky jars and displayed, en masse, in wall-of-smell outlet stores jam-packed with geriatrics from bus tours. Shockingly, this is not my bag. That said, I recently received a Kobo candle as a gift—the Leather Mahogany. First, the package is gorgeous, and I love the Kobo-branded matches that come with (some books you can judge by their covers).

Second: The smell! It's deep and faintly spicy; masculine and woody; not overpowering like those berry-sherbet-cake-and-cookie candles. It's clean and opulent and lovely. A visit to the Kobo website sealed the deal—the candles are American-made from sustainable soybeans and cotton and come in must-try scents like Wild Tomato Vine and Portuguese Olive Blossom. It's official—there are scented candles for the rest of us.
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