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Women Go Bananas for Shoes at the Rag & Bone Sample Sale

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We got to Chelsea Market (well, really 410 West 16th Street) this morning right in time to be barricaded by velvet ropes, along with forty other Rag & Bone fans, as we waited for the brand's sample sale to open. By the time 10:30am rolled around, boy oh boy were these shoppers—now well over a hundred—ready to go. And at 10:34, what we thought would be a riotous experience began.

The moment the doors opened things calmed down quite a bit. Perhaps this was because shoppers saw the mass amount of clothing available for purchase. However, this did not stop the majority of ladies from running towards the shoes. For the first ten minutes, it was as if nothing else existed in the world but shoes. Clothing was untouched, save for the denim, where a sprinkling of shoppers resided.

Slowly, female shoppers began to notice the realm outside of Newbury boots, and floated over to the long table of knits and tees. In no time, the entire floor was inhabited and shoppers flocked to the coats, bags, hats, gloves and scarves, yet still no chaos ensued. There's so much to buy, and nothing seemed to be selling out—not even the shoes! Rag & Bone was totally prepared, and we were even told that shoes would be restocked yet again.

As for the gents, there's nothing to worry about if you haven't gotten to the sale yet. While the ladies went at shoes like a pack of wolves, the men didn't even notice the neat display of boots and sneakers set up for them—you could almost hear the crickets chirping.

As for the line to try on and the line to pay, these were well-staffed and organized, and things were moving along quickly. Considering the great line outside, this sale was a breeze, at least in it's early hours. Who know's what tomorrow—or lunchtime—will bring.
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