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Nine Racks of Actual Samples at the Yigal Azrouël and Cut25 Sale

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The Yigal Azrouël and Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël sample sale opened at 225 West 39th Street at 10am this morning. Inside, merchandise includes Yigal Azrouël dresses from the current season for $250, cute cocktail pieces from Cut25 for $150, and beautiful collection coats and leather jackets for $500. To top it all off, there are nine racks filled with samples ranging from $40 to $125, and we saw some pretty great things.

The sale is organized by label and category, with two racks of Yigal Azrouël men's clothing at the very beginning of the showroom. All of the menswear are samples, so sizes are typically a medium or 32. Though there wasn't much to choose from, we noticed some really cool knits for $65.

The nine racks of samplesis probably where you should start first. Yigal Azrouël samples are $60, or $125 for leather, and Cut25 samples are $40, or $90 for leather. We found more than a few hidden treasures, like a long white Yigal gown, a cropped leather and fur Yigal jacket, and a green and black Cut25 houndstooth blazer. If you have model-size feet, it might be worth it to sift through the small display of shoes for $60 a pop, though they did seem rather worn out.

In the regular womenswear area, Yigal Azrouël stock can be found in sizes 0-12. The clothing is from a number of seasons, and includes some pieces from fall 2013. There are gowns for $400 and a large selection of cocktail dresses for $250, with the fall 2013 white peplum dress that Jennifer Hudson wore included in the mix.

There are skirts for $150, pants for $125, and leather bottoms for $225, with a nice selection of leather pants in burgundy or beige. We spotted a resort 2013 white leather embossed skirt (that was also at the last sample sale), and it was the only one of its kind—so if you're a size four and regret not picking up last time, hurry over before it's gone.

There are beautiful coats and leather jackets for $500 a piece, but coats with any sort of fur embellishment are $650. The leather jacket that Julia Roberts recently wore on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter is also there for $500. Aside from leather and outerwear, there are blazers for $225, blouses and knits for $125, and jersey tops for $75.

Next is Cut25, where clothing is a wee bit cheaper but excludes anything from the current season. Sweaters and tops are $100, blazers are $175, tees are $90, jersey dresses are $125, and other dresses and gowns are $150. Shorts, pants, and skirts are $95 a piece—even if they're leather—however the leather and fur jackets are $325 each. There are two really warm furry moto jackets for $325.

Finally, see the tables filled with accessories. There is a tiny selection of Yigal clutches for $60 and bags for $100, and a bin of Yigal scarves for $100. As for Cut25, you will find hats for $40, gloves, belts, and knit scarves for $70, and modal scarves for $50. There will be no restocking, and most likely no additional reductions, so there really is no reason to wait. The sale runs through Friday, daily from 10am to 6pm.—Claudia Saide
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