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Seven New Designers to Discover at Dover Street Market

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Welcome back to our obsessive coverage of Dover Street Market, where we're taking Rei Kawakubo's multibrand store floor by floor, leaving no kooky detail unmentioned.

The Energy Showroom is located on the fourth floor of Dover Street Market, and it's where to find collections by emerging designers, Gosha Rubchinskiy and 1205 by Paula Gerbase. This floor is completely dedicated to showcasing fairly unknown brands, with the exception of a display of Dita sunglasses. The floor is on the smaller side, but each designer has their own setup.

Neon and florescent lights hang above Proper Gang, a menswear collection by New York based designer Max Vanderwoude Gross. Gross's collection includes button downs and gingham shorts, and he's the only designer on this floor based out of New York.

Nearby is an extravagant coat of black silk rosettes, hanging over a yellow dress made of the same extraordinary fabric designed by Joe Bates, Sid Bryan, and Cozette McCreery, the British trio behind Sibling. (The coat is from their other label, Sister by Sibling.) The Sibling clothing is adjacent in a pastel painted wooden shelf.

Right across is a tie-dyed collection by London-based Craig Green, and then the ultra-modern and minimal line by 1205's Paula Gerbase, who's also British. At first glance, the latter is pretty basic, but you'll see that th colors are downplayed to focus on the textiles. Her collection is meant to be unisex, and the grays, blues, and whites keep it all gender neutral.

Then there is Phoebe English, whose collection consists of delicate macrame crop tops and skirts, as well as tulle dresses and blouses. These are near the two racks of the London-based designer Shaun Samson's graphic sweatshirts.

Another important designer showcased in the Energy Showroom is Russia native Gosha Rubchinskiy. His collection is comprised of urban basics like bright cotton graphic t-shirts and simple trousers, and the brand is the latest to come under the care of Rei Kawakubo and her large Comme des Garçons umbrella.

Additional designers may be added to the floor, and every six months to a year the entire Energy Showroom will be completely revamped. Make sure to have a look at the current setup before that happens.
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