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Trends Fashion People Loved, Hated, and Resisted In 2013

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Just like last year, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on 2013's greatest hits (and misses). First up: we asked everyone what trends they loved, what trends they never want to see again, and which they adamantly resisted.

Some of the best (and worst): crop tops, pink coats, flats, nude nails

Mallory Blair, Small Girls PR: I'm fascinated by the harem sweatpants trend. I think it cascaded nicely with the YOLO trend. Sweatpants to work are the sartorial expression of the YOLO generation. I get it—it's snowing out, you're cold, you're tired, you're running late, just throw on some of those comfy looking sweatpants with a leather jacket, sounds good, yeah. I'm not intimate with the trend though myself. You could say I resisted it. But I admire those who gave in.

Lauren Sherman, Editor-at-Large at Fashionista: [Loved:] Birkenstocks! I love flats. One I never want to see again? Studded-anything is looking real gauche these days.

Connie Wang, Style Director, Refinery29: I'm loving this resurgence of relaxed-fit pants that are a little awkwardly cropped and high-waisted. I'd very much like it that quirky-prep look of 'statement necklaces' over collared shirts and jean jackets retire.

Jamie Shupak, NY1 Traffic Anchor: On the right person, at the right time, I love a crop top. I've yet to try, but I'm looking for one!

Claire Mazur, Of a Kind: Loved: Comfort. Flatter shoes, higher waisted pants—bring 'em on. Never want to see again: Weird cut-outs. They ruin so many otherwise very cute dresses. Resisted: The crop top. Mainly because every time I tried to adopt it I just...couldn't. I think they look adorable with full skirts, but I just couldn't seem to pull it off.

Erica Cerulo, Of a Kind: The one I loved? The return of un-nail-arted nails. The one I never wanna see again? I really struggle with the PJs-and-real-clothes thing, as cute as it looks on Rachel Roy. And I've said "meh" to the wedge sneaker for what feels like a long while now.

Nicolette Mason, blogger: It's easiest to talk about things I hate: I cannot wait to never see a wedge sneaker ever again. I don't care if it's from Isabel Marant or from KMart. I hate them all. As for things I love, I am so happy pink coats somehow became a major trend this year, especially since I had designed one for MYNT1792! [I resisted] the peplum. I think I got plenty of it in 2012, although it seems to be going strong into next year, too.

Izzy Grinspan, Racked Editorial Director: I'm so glad mini-skirts are back, and so over mullet hems. Pick a length and go with it, you know? And I love 99% of the pixie cuts that I see on other people, but as someone who wears glasses almost every day, I'm afraid a short cut would make me look like Harry Potter.

Mizhattan, blogger: Although I prefer to stay away from trends, the tomboy chic look (slip-on sneakers, baseball caps, boyfriend jeans, school boy blazers, herringbones, oversized coats...the whole nine yards) did catch my eye. A trend I never want to see again: Grunge. It wasn't attractive in the '90s, it wasn't attractive in 2013.

Olivia Wolfe, American Two Shot: Loved all-over photo prints, hated luxury brand spinoffs.

Sidney Morgan Petro, Retail Editor of Stylesight: I'm loving all things '90s. We've seen the return of grunge in 2013, which is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more trends that are surfacing from that era—from minimalist Calvin Klein-inspired slip dresses to chunky raver boots. I'm on board with all of it. I could go without the cat trend for 2014: LOL cats, cats in space, furry cat hats, they can all go away. Also the designer parody tees. Somehow that caught on too quickly and got worn out fast.

Magdalena Jaworska, O.N.A.: I'm not really big on trends but I loved everything neoprene this season. I resisted buying anything with a leather detail this year. I think the leather sleeve everything ruined it for me.
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