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Macy's Accused of Racial Profiling Another Shopper

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Photo by Brian Harkin
Photo by Brian Harkin

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Another shopper has come forward with claims of racial profiling at Macy's. Halim Sharif alleges that after spending $2,400 on a Louis Vuitton bag, he was stopped by a loss prevention employee who asked to see his receipt, "apparently for no reason other than that he was black," Jezebel reports. Sharif also claims that the employee then went through his purchase, even after he was able to provide a receipt.

According to the article, his attorney, who also represents Kayla Phillips, adds that "not-to-be-released cell phone video of the incident shows a small stampede of white people strolling right out of the store, setting off the alarm much to the nonchalance of Macy's employees."
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