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70% Off Shoes, Dresses, and More at the A.P.C. Surplus Sale

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The A.P.C. Surplus store in the West Village began its end-of-year sale yesterday, where mostly everything is 70% off retail, save for one rack of clothing and a single style of shoes (those are marked down to 50%). The first thing we looked for were warm sweaters, but there weren't any in sight. That's not to say that they won't show up sometime before the end of the sale, because the staff will be restocking daily—with size replenishments and new styles.

There are, however, a lot of tunic and sweater dresses ranging from around $100 to $125, basic button downs for $63, and silky blouses for $110. There's also a pile of knit sweatpants in grey, beige, and an alpaca print for $70, as well as an amazing fur and leather satchel from last winter on sale for $182.

The selection of 70% off shoes is pretty decent, however the sizes vary depending on the style. If you are a size 40, check out the fur and brown leather flat boots for $144. For those that liked last winter's A.P.C. collaboration with Vanessa Seward, see the boxes of T-strap wedges piled under the rack of clothing from the collab—all 50% off the original price.

Apart from the tunic dresses and shoes, the selection of coats and jackets really caught our eye. There's a super warm shearling for $684 and a great wool blazer for $138. There are also some quilted trench coats for $204. Across from the outerwear is where the case containing the jewelry resides, all 70% off.

There are necklaces for $21 and $111, and some colorful bangles and pins. Guys will find an equal amount of shoes and shirts. Be prepared to pay $770 for a leather shearling jacket, or $80 for a pair of moccasins. Button downs are about $55, and jeans we saw were around $40.

There's a single, spacious fitting room, as well as a staff more than willing to assist. The sale will be restocked daily until it ends on December 31st. See the dealfeed for more info, and the gallery for photos.
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