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Additional Markdowns for the Last Day of Jason Wu's Sample Sale

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The Jason Wu sample sale ends tonight at 7pm, but as of last night, there was still tons of merchandise available. And this morning, 260 Sample Sale tweeted that all samples are an additional 40% off, while all other marked items are an additional 25% off. Pretty much everything is out on the floor by now, so if you have a chance to swing by, it's at least worth a glance—the clothing and accessories are truly one-of-a-kind. Prices added below reflect what they should be after the 25% markdown.

There are still full racks of every type of garment, including tops, knits, skirts, pants, cocktail dresses and evening gowns, and outerwear. Short dresses, ranging from $550 to $900 (which now should be $412.50 to $675), make up the majority of what you'll see. There's lots of mixed fabric, including one houndstooth and lace dress, and lots of leather everywhere. The feathered white dress mentioned in an earlier post is gone, but there are still multiple raccoon-trimmed twill and leather jackets available.

It's worth noting that the deals on leather aren't bad—$300 for shorts (most likely $225 now) and $400 (now likely $300) for skirts. There are still several racks of silk and sheer tops to sift through (were $250 last night, should be $187.50 now), as well as embroidered cashmere and angora sweaters (now $150), colorful jackets, and tailored black pants (now $146.25.)

As noted earlier, all items are available in sizes two and six, with the occasional four floating around, but the clothes are absolutely worth trying on. You can bring up to 10 items at a time to the fitting room.

Arguably, the best deals offered are on the bags—handbags ranged from $200 to $300 last night and should be $150 to $225 now, depending on the size. The selection is huge and there is a variety of practical colors, including black and nude, that remain available. A sleek chain crossbody bag, which retails for $1,795 and is now on sale for $807 at Neiman Marcus (albeit in a bright yellow), should be available for $187.50 now. And after two days, the overall bag and clutch selection still appears nearly untouched.

All shoes were marked as $150 last night and should be $114 now, though most of what's left from the sizable selection are summer sandals, strappy heels, and a few pairs of brightly colored booties. A huge rack of belts is still available as well.

There were no line and no crowds as of last night, though that may change with the new markdowns announced today. Check out the photos for a better idea of what's for sale.—Marina Charny
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