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True Samples, Huge Range of Prices at Jason Wu's Sample Sale

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Jason Wu's much anticipated sample sale began Sunday at 225 Fifth Avenue and will run through Tuesday, December 17th. For those who are still unsure about attending, here's the lowdown from the sale's preview, which was still being stocked while we were there (good news: there's definitely more in the back).

The sample sale offered true samples, a rarity these days, and in good supply—there were a dozen racks full of choices. Additionally, there were about five racks of current ready-to-wear piece, including gowns, coats, jackets, pants, tops, skirts, shorts, cocktail dresses, blouses, sweaters and more!

Merchandise is discounted 60% to 80%, but with a high starting price, this doesn't translate to dirt cheap.

Eyewear is the least expensive group at the sale, with frames and sunglasses going for $25. Leather belts are priced at $50, with extra small in most abundance. The Alla 1 Dove belt is available in blue and black.

Shoes are located in the back of the room and will not be restocked. There is a large variety of footwear, but sizing is limited. Staffers will help fetch your size from the back if you don't see it on display. Most sandals or heels were $150 while pumps and booties may be marked higher. Joni flats and Karen pumps were $238 (originally $795). Nico and Harlow booties were $268 and $448, respectively.

Across from the shoe section are handbags and clutches. Bags are priced as follows: $150 for clutches, $300 for embroidered clutches, $200 for small handbags, $250 for medium handbags, $300 for large handbags, and exotic skin handbags are $350. The Jourdan leopard print bag is $350.

Now onto the clothes! The sample section was organized by category and offers two sizes: size two and size six. Being that these are samples, they're worth trying on even if you aren't a strict size two or six. Prices start at $125 for tanks, t-shirts, and shorts. Knits are $200, leather and embroidered tops are $300, day dresses are $550, cocktail dresses are $900, and $1,200 will get you an evening gown.

The ready-to-wear section, which took up only about five or six racks, was organized by category. Here, we spotted current pieces like this feathered white dress, $1,486 at the sale (retails for $4,950 and is currently half off on Net-a-Porter). Check out the photo gallery for more pieces with prices.

There's a dressing room in the back and limited restocking. Cash and credit cards are accepted.—Hsini Chou
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