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Freezing Temps Didn't Stop the Opening Ceremony Sale Line

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The Opening Ceremony sample sale opens at 11am this morning, after a full day of friends and family shopping yesterday. Racked reporter Mickey Sery is lined up outside at 76 Mercer Street, braving the cold, to scope out the scene. Read his account below.

9:17am: Hi! I've arrived, and I'm the 10th person on line. The first person on line didn't say what time she got her, but she hinted it was really early. Everyone is bundled up and on their cell phones on the OC website picking out what they want.

9:30am: One woman just got in line and asked if the sale opened at 10am or 11am. When she found out it was 11, she said she couldn't do the cold and headed over to the Rachel Comey sample sale, which opens at 10am.

9:36am: About seven people are behind me now. The first person in line has had three friends show up, so it makes sense she wanted to be first.

9:40am: It's about an even mix of guys and girls, and almost everyone is wearing a fur parka of some sort.

9:50am: There are about 20 people in line total now. Everyone is pretty quiet and calm, and it's either due to the cold or lack of coffee. Where's a coffee cart when you need it! AccuWeather says it feels like 17 degrees outside.

10am: Just saw a girl arrive in a cab dressed in a hoodie and a lightweight jacket, with no gloves. Let's all say a prayer for her now, since we have an hour to go.

10:15am: There are about 40 people in line now—some have started to leave for coffee with friends holding their place.

10:30am: About 60 people here now. Opening Cermony employees are beginning to arrive.

10:40am: The line started at the wrong door! There's a little bit of a jumble now with the first ten people who were past the real door. Everyone seems pretty nice, so they should be able to work it out.

10:42am: The line is almost to Broome Street now—I'd say about 90 people.

10:51am: Staff just came out and brought a trash bin, as no drinks are allowed inside. They said they'd open shortly.

11:00am: The Rachel Comey shopper is back, and she just told us they have all new men's stuff there!

11:01am: And we're going in! A few people will be let in at a time so that there's no coat check back-up.

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Opening Ceremony

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Opening Ceremony Sample Sale

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