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What Remains at the Tory Burch Sample Sale, Five Days In

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Five days in and the Tory Burch sample sale is still going, with racks upon racks of clothing left to sort through—and we stopped by last night to see what's left after yesterday's bout of markdowns. When you get there, the first stop you'll want to make is at the wall of bags by the front, which has happily not been too depleted by way of selection.

Large handbags and totes are still available in a variety of blue, purple, and tan hues, and prices now range from $175 to $225. Crossbody bags were clearly a crowd favorite, as only two were left at $125 each.

All ready-to-wear pieces have been reduced as well, and every size is still available, ranging from 0-14. From leopard print silk blouses to patterned long-sleeve tees to chic wool sweaters and classic stripes, there is easily something for everyone. And as reported earlier, short sleeve blouses are now $60, long sleeve blouses are $75, and sweaters are $99.

Short dresses are now $120 and make up a hefty portion of what remains. Impressively, evening gowns have been reduced from $450 to $300—a significant discount over the course of only a few days. Most of the gowns left are black, long-sleeve, and only available in the smallest sizes. However, short dresses include a variety of wool and cotton sheaths, with sprinklings of brightly colored A-line skirts, ruffles, and shirtdress styles. One full rack is entirely comprised of the stunning Ardell one-shoulder dress, available in black and teal.

There is still a decent amount of pants to choose from, now priced at $60, including a surprisingly unique selection of corduroy flared jeans. Skirts are $60 as well, and range from sparkly gold fabrics to soft, black pencil silhouettes. Outerwear is down to $195 for trench styles and $225 for leather and suede, but it didn't look like much was left from either category.

The shoe stock has diminished as well, though several pairs of popular boots and bootie styles are still available for $175 and $150, respectively. Pumps are $125, and brightly colored ballet flats (more suited for a summer look) and smoking slippers are $109. As mentioned before, no classic Revas were made available during any part of the sale.

All of the remaining merchandise is now out on the floor, and prices are still subject to drop. (Though employees were not able to confirm it at the time, it is likely that Tory Burch will slash prices even further on Saturday, the final day of the sale.)

The sale runs from 11am to 7pm today and 11am to 5pm tomorrow. Check out the pictures for a better idea of what's left.—Marina Charny
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