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Say #HailYes to Nissan's New Taxi Cabs

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Attention New Yorkers: the city's new fleet of Nissan NV200 taxi cabs have arrived! The brand-new cabs make all of the bells and whistles riders have always dreamed of, a reality. There's a little something for everyone, so get excited!

Riders will be pleasantly surprised to hop into a cab with more legroom than their first apartment! No need to worry about germs this holiday season, the antimicrobial seats reduce the spread of germs. Plus, staying connected at all times has just become even more convenient thanks to built-in USB charging ports. The sleek taxi was even designed with cyclists in mind – sliding doors will help prevent riders from getting hit by doors. Win-win for all.

Get behind the movement and tweet #HailYes to New York's new roomier, antimicrobial and tech friendly taxi here. >>