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Prices Reduced at the Tory Burch Sample Sale

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Prices have just been reduced on everything at the Tory Burch sample sale, and a tipster sent over photos of the new price lists. Those are after the jump, but here's all the crucial info: tees and polos are now $45, short-sleeve blouses are now $60 (long-sleeves are $75), and sweaters are $99. All bottoms are $60, dresses and kaftans are $120, and evening dresses are $300. Blazers are now priced at $150, outerwear and trench coats are $195, and anything leather or suede is $225.

As for the shoes, sneakers have been reduced to $75, ballet flats are $109, wedges and pumps are $125, booties are $150, ad boots are $175. See the photos after the jump for an idea of what prices were, and head here for the most recent report of what's inside.

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