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Aveda, Açai, Activewear: How NYC's Hottest Trainer Stays Pretty

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Welcome to Beauty Diary: seven days of getting glam with an industry insider. From publicists to professional makeup artists, this a week in the life of someone who lives and breathes beauty.

Emily Cook Harris won 2013's Hottest Trainer Competition this summer in a colossal throwdown that was nothing short of fervent (lesson learned: people are passionate about their fitness instructors). We caught up with the fit blonde—whose company EMpowered donates 10% of proceeds to the girls' education nonprofit She's the First—for the inside scoop on what she does to be so, well, hot.

In her diary, Emily exposes the drugstore face scrub that make her super early mornings simple, her version of fast food, and makes the case for toe shoes (cue the universal groan).

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