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Macarons! Wine! Ribbon! Here Comes Maison Ladurée Soho

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Maison Ladurée's second location in the U.S. is going to be a big one. The new location will include a retail shop for pastries in the front, as well as a full-service restaurant and a beautiful outdoor area in the back. It's slated to debut in mid-January, so you might as well forget about that New Year's resolution to eat less sweets. Leading up to the opening, we'll be posting exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of the progress. Sure, this may seem like an Eater story, but the fashion industry, as a whole, cannot get enough of these macarons.

Ladurée will be feeding us photos of everything happening at 398 West Broadway up until its magical doors open—and we mean everything: the choice of marble, the wine tastings, the pastry test-runs, the packaging, ribbons, and even the construction workers. To whet your appetite, start with the video right after the jump: Le Rêve Ladurée, and scroll through the first batch of photos.

Holiday boxes, and if you look closely, the floor plan.

Is it a new souffle, or the wall texture?

The patisserie chef hard at work

Ladurée's version of comfortable walking shoes

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Maison Ladurée

864 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021 646 558 3157 Visit Website


398 West Broadway, New York, NY