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Get Ready for Six New Subway Pop-Up Shops in the Near Future

Storefront founders Tristan Pollock and Erik Eliason
Storefront founders Tristan Pollock and Erik Eliason

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Over the past few years, pop-up shops have proliferated throughout New York City to no end,so much so that there's a designated company whose sole mission is to unite brands with temporary retail space. Storefront, the online marketplace that does just that, has now inherited the role of establishing pop-up shops within the city's subway stations, thanks to a new deal with the MTA.

Six spaces have just been added to the Storefront arsenal: the 50th Street downtown and uptown platforms, two locations at Grand Central Terminal, the downtown Dekalb Avenue stop in Downtown Brooklyn, and 61st Street - Woodside, Roosevelt Avenue in Queens.

Possibilities are seemingly endless: this year, two polar-opposite subway shops—L'Oreal's Bryant Park vending machine and The Newsstands indie zine hub—both garnered a fair amount of buzz from their respective commuters.
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