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Macy's, Barneys Will Lead 'Shop-and-Frisk' Forum For Retailers

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Barneys' Mark Lee (center), Reverend Al Sharpton (right). Photo via NYDN.

After a handful of racial profiling allegations, protests, meetings with Al Sharpton, press conferences aplenty, and requests for internal documents from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Macy's Terry Lundgren and Barneys' Mark Lee are spearheading a forum on what's now being called "shop and frisk." Reps from Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Victoria's Secret, Bloomingdale's, and more NYC stores are expected to be in attendance for the education session.

"This is a decades-old problem and we've always had to deal with it case-by-case. Now, with both CEOs driving the dialogue, we have a chance to work with the whole industry instead of doing it piecemeal," said Kirsten John Foy, head of the National Action Network's Brooklyn chapter. A statement from Macy's said that the forum will focus on retail loss prevention and apprehension policies and procedures "reviewed with the active input and involvement of key community leaders."
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