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Lots of Cocktail Dresses, Bikinis at the Shoshanna Sample Sale

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Over in midtown today, ladies gathered in a small showroom to shop for swimsuits and cocktail attire at the Shoshanna sample sale. The first thing to do once coats and bags are checked is sift through the box on the floor holding the $5 separates. Next, look through the box adjacent holding chunky knits and sweaters for $30. If nothing floats your boat, not to worry—there are lots of bathing suits and cocktail dresses to go through.

There is stock on swimwear and apparel, and four racks of samples. The stock sizes run from 0 to 12,, while the samples are mostly 0, 2, and 4. As for swimwear, tops start at an A cup and run up to a DD,, and bottoms and one pieces run from extra small to large. Everything is arranged by size, so the floor is pretty simple to navigate.

Definitely make sure to browse through the sample racks, which holy mostly $50 dresses. We did see a few sample tops that cost $35, and a coat for $75, but the focus is really on the dresses and gowns. There is also some sample swimwear, on sale for $20.

Aside from the samples, racks are filled with stock that includes beach cover-ups, party dresses, maxi dresses, and gowns. There are price guides affixed to the walls, and each item is coded by color. Anything marked with a blue sticker is $65, anything marked in green is $85, yellow is $100, orange is $125, and red is $150. A lot of dresses we picked up were in the $100 range, however there were a few cute pieces for $65 and $85 as well. When we were there, new styles were being priced and put out on the floor, but that's about it for restocking.

There are so many bathing suits, so if you are planning a sunny getaway, make sure to get here. One-piece suits are $40, and separates are $20 a piece. Shopping for a kid? See the racks holding little girls' bathing suits and cover-ups, all $25. We saw a cover-up so cute, we searched for it in our size but sadly did not find it.

The sale runs until 6:30 this evening and continues tomorrow until 6. There is no fitting room, but shoppers were trying on dresses and even swimsuits right on the sales floor. Click the dealfeed for details on the sale's whereabouts, and browse through the gallery for pictures of the merchandise.—Claudia Saide
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