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Pricey Coats Are Up to 80% Off at the Barbara Bui Sample Sale

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Today's chilly weather had no bearing on the turnout for the Barbara Bui sample sale. The sale began this morning at 11am at the Wooster Street store, and the floor seemed completely ransacked once we arrived a few minutes past.

There were still coats, embellished jackets, and lots of wool trousers still hanging on the racks, but much of the other clothing had already been spoken for. Everything is marked down to 80% off retail prices—a huge discount considering an average Barbara Bui coat is priced in the thousands. There are a few pieces mixed in that are 90% off, however the sales associates explained that these discounts would not be known until rung up at the register.

The clothing and accessories are from the past two years, but there's nothing from the autumn/winter 2013 collection. There are great coats from autumn/winter 2012, like a suede shearling with amazing patchwork for a hefty $1,017 (the retail price on the coat was $5,085.) It was so amazing that when we turned around for a second to take out our camera, it was already snatched up. Other beautiful pieces include a sheer gown on sale for $482, a colorblock mock neck sweater for $142, and a pair of snakeskin knee boots for $405.

The selection of shoes is rather large, with suede strap pumps for $197 and electric blue booties for $148. The bags were pretty much plowed through early, but we did notice a blue leather satchel still sitting on the shelf for $382 and a few leather wallets ranging from $95 to $130. There are also adorable Barbara Bui keychains available for $39.

A few other things worth mentioning: There is a fitting room, however it only fits one person at a time and the line was pretty long. The line to pay? Even longer. Know that there will be no restocking, so if you are interested in checking it out, you probably should have left five minutes ago. The sale runs through Wednesday, from 11am to 6pm daily at 115 Wooster Street.—Claudia Saide
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