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Katz Delicatessen Sneakers; A Petition Against Gray Thursday

Photo by Brian Harkin
Photo by Brian Harkin

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· Nike debuts Katz Delicatessen sneakers [JVNY]
· The Balenciaga store opening party [WWD]
· Barneys and Macy's were no-shows at City Council meeting [NYT]
· Sex shop with bar and cafe opens in Chelsea [DNAinfo]

· Mall worker petitions against working on Gray Thursday [Consumerist]
· M.A.C. debuts a lipstick for Black Friday called Hautecore [Beauty Counter]
· Foot Locker ad has Mike Tyson returning Evander Holyfield's ear [Mashable]
· Investigating the ugly side of UGG's business [Yahoo]
· How to replicate Kate Middleton's highlights [Marie Claire]