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There Is Plenty Under $100 at the Suno Sample Sale

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Everything was coming up prints this morning at the Suno sample sale. The walls of the showroom were lined primarily with resort and spring merchandise from 2012 and 2013, with an entire corner dedicated to $50 swimwear and $150 sandals. If you're planning a holiday retreat to somewhere warm, get to this sale today! Tomorrow they will be stocking up on wear-now pieces fit for fall.

Having everything beautifully merchandised by colormade it easy for shoppers to navigate through the sale. Prices were deeply discounted from retail, with nothing exceeding $175. Outerwear was priced at the high end of the scale for $175, with only a few pieces, including a marble print anorak embellished with studs. Cotton dresses were a steal at $100 and silk dresses were equally as tempting at $125. Cropped jackets in twin prints went for $100 while all shorts—including the neon green sequin embellished hot pants—were only $65. While most of the merchandise was retail quality, we spotted a few flawless samples in the mix. While all sizes were represented, not every style was available in every size.

If you err on the side of simplicity, don't be shocked by all of the prints—there is a great selection of solid, minimal pieces including a denim blocked button down for $75, black silk charmeuse harem pants and spaced dyed sweaters both for $65, and plaid shirts priced at $75.

Near checkout was where most of the accessories were stocked, including a few chunky knit scarves in black with white and red with blue for $50. A table full of wrapped up jewelry was easy to overlook but offered a heavy gold cage bracelet and rhinestone statement earrings.

A small dressing room in the back corner with one mirror offered privacy, but it didn't stop shoppers from stripping down in front of the mirror in the middle of the room. The staff was very helpful and friendly, making the whole shopping experience worthwhile.

As of 10am the sale was moderately crowded, but still civil. As previously mentioned, fall merchandise is expected to arrive at 9:30am tomorrow.—Christina DeSmet
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