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Dramatic Coats and Leather at the Nanette Lepore Sample Sale

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If you're looking for a statement making coat or jacket, head over to this week's Nanette Lepore sample sale . We popped by yesterday for a sneak peak at what was going on sale today; there, mixed in with Nanette's usual array of cocktail dresses and sportswear, we spotted some great deals on coats, including some real steals on sample leather jackets.

As usual, the best buys at the sale are on the sample racks. The big lure this time around is leather. There is a surprising number of really nice sample leather jackets in all different colors at $125, leather skirts at $85, and even a number of leather dresses for just $100. They are all size two samples.

Even if you aren't able to score a leather jacket, there are still a lot of great samples to be had, most of which we haven't seen at Nanette Lepore sales before. Coats and jackets are $85 to $95. Dresses, which are plentiful, range from $60 to $70, while sweaters and tops are priced from $40 to $60. Pants and skirts, the best priced samples, are just $35.

About half the clothing at the sale comes from the fall 2013 collection or pre-fall 2013 stock, which means that in some cases you're getting what's still in the stores. Coats and jackets are priced at $275 and $195 respectively, and include long leopard skin coats, leather trimmed camel coats, and Gravity Peacoats. Leather coats are priced higher, but the discount is dramatic—the hooded leather and fur Galactic Jacket, which originally went for $1,298, is now priced at $450.

Fall 2013 dresses are sale priced at $150 and this season's tops are $95, while sweaters and sweater dresses range between $95 and $125. If you're looking for skirts and pants, they range between $120 and $125.

The sale has one row of old production stock (fall 2010 through fall 2012). These prices are lower than the new stock, but higher for samples, with jackets going for $95, dresses for $75, skirts, tops, and pants for $50, and sweaters for just $45.

While there aren't a lot of accessories this time around, you will find some shoes from last fall for $75, and they're all from production—not samples or runway shoes like at the last couple of sales. Also, keep your eyes open for cute Nanette Lepore rain boots for $25. If you're looking for purses, you'll only find a handful (no pun intended) and they're also priced at $75. The sale runs through Thursday at 225 West 35th Street, daily from 9am to 7pm.
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