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Designers, Store Owners Share Their Best Vacation Finds

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Welcome to Racked's first annual Travel Week, where roughly half of our content will be devoted to everything you need to know about traveling to and from New York City—whether you're entertaining out-of-towners, killing time at the airport, or planning the ultimate staycation.

For our final Travel Week post (it's been fun, you guys!), we asked a few of our favorite store owners, designers, and friends to tell us: What's the best thing you've ever bought on vacation? Read on for seven lovely finds from Mexico City, Montana, India, London, and more.

Claire Lemetais, owner of Spiritual America
My best vacation to date was a trip to Tulum—counting the days until I can return. I especially loved Coqui Coqui, an eco spa/hotel on the beach. Their homemade Agave Perfume Oil transports you right back. I love the deco inspired bottle too; it's the perfect souvenir to revive dreamy beach time during long winter months.

Anna Sheffield, jewelry designer
It's a hand-made silver feather barrette from Montana. I was on a road trip there this past summer with two of my best friends. We went to a Powwow in Arlene to see some dances and buy some gifts when I came across this piece on a table full of beautiful beadwork. It stood out since it was one of the only metal crafted pieces there. And being that I love feathers and have long silver hair, I felt I was destined to find and buy it.

Caron Callahan, womenswear designer
I would choose these handmade quilts from India and Pakistan. I love them for the colors and intense handwork. They so look great in our mostly white apartment.

Molly Guy, Creative Director of Stone Fox Bride
When I was in Mexico City, visiting my friend Piper Perabo on the set of Beverly Hills Chihuahua in 2007, I stayed at the Condesa—a super chic boutique hotel in the Condesa neighborhood that had the most beautiful food (think guacamole made with fresh pomegranate seeds), amazing furniture and grounded, groovy ambiance.

There was a blanket on the bed in my room that I fell in love with right away. It was heavy woven cotton with patchwork embroidery, and it was the perfect weight and length. The last day of my stay I was beyond devastated at the thought of leaving it behind, so I cornered a member of the housekeeping staff in the stairwell and made her sell it to me for $70. I sleep beneath it every night. Literally. Best vacation purchase ever.

Stephanie von Watzdorf, designer and owner of Figue
I found this incredible cuff in Sante Fe, New Mexico and had to own it. It is from the 1930's—Navaho Indian—and a true treasure. It's a rare piece. I love it so much!

Gabriela Perezutti, Candela designer
One of my favorite things I've bought on vacation is this Bee brooch from Bentley & Skinner in London. I love pinning it to the collar of my denim jacket. It's life size so from far, looks as if I have a bee on my collar.

Dorothy McGivney, former CEO and founder of Jauntsetter
My favorite souvenir is actually quite small and probably one of the cheapest things I've brought back from a trip. I bought it at a thrift shop and think it cost all of $2. It's a funny little container; I'd describe its style as 'imitation scrimshaw' and it looks like it has one lion chasing another etched on it. I use it as a salt container instead of a shaker on my kitchen table. It's such an unexpected objet trouvé and I often find myself thinking fondly of the trips I took to Calliccon, the town upstate where I purchased it, whenever I use it—which is almost every day.
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