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New Markdowns at the Tibi Sample Sale; Here's What's Left

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The Tibi sample sale ends today at 5pm, and last night we stopped by to check out what's left. Unlike last year, there were no evening specials and no additional markdowns on anything. There were, however, a handful of people with their Gilt City coupons on hand.

Update: A little after 10am, Tibi tweeted that there is "new inventory and markdowns."

Compared to day one, the stock has been decimated. The pile of knits on the tables are pretty picked over, and some racks only have one style of each left (mostly large sizes). Boxes of samples are now half full. Mostly larger sizes remain on the racks of dresses; we saw plenty of size 12s, but didn't spot any 0s or 2s.

There are still a lot of blue silk cami tops ($75), but nothing in size 0-4. Last night, there was one pair of size large leather shorts, lots of neoprene dresses in different colors, and a few felted wool motorcycle jackets. There were barely any blazers or leather pieces left. A box filled with yellow silk pants in the sample section hid underneath a table, but it was unclear if it was a box of overstock or samples.

Stacks of shoe boxes are still pretty high, and they're mostly sizes 38 and up (36s and 37s are available in limited styles). There are navy Anya flats, red and gold multi Cody flats, Louise heels, Mia heels, and Carine heels, but only in white and in sizes 38 and above. Kirby boots (which are still full price online for $525) are $125, and Margo flats are $75.

If you're planning to go today, set aside some time. Last night, the coat check line and cashier line was very, very slow. The dressing rooms were full of unwanted clothes piling on racks, with some on the floor (though we did find some good pieces digging through here). The sale ends at 5pm tonight, and there will be restocking on certain items.—Hsini
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