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The Isabel Marant Line at the Fifth Avenue H&M Started at 1am

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The highly-anticipated Isabel Marant for H&M collaboration debuts at 8am this morning. Employees will hand out bracelets to the first 420 people in line that denote designated 15 minute shopping slots. Racked reporter Hsini is on the scene at the Fifth Avenue flagship.

6:15am: I got here around 5:50am, I'm the 21st person in line. The experienced person in front of me says she's been to a couple. The first two people in lined are sleeping and bundled up. The next three were here around 1:30am as a group.

6:20am: Another person in line says she's a veteran of the collabs and always comes to "her flagship." She poured hot chocolate from Starbucks for a couple people in line.

6:25am: A table has been set up with Crumbs cupcakes. And bracelets are being given out now!

6:30am: There's some confusion among the staff. They just gave 20 people bracelets and stopped at me, and they weren't sure what color to give me. Now they're asking a supervisor something.

6:35am: Now I'm told it's only going to be 20 people per group. Red bracelets shop at 8am, blue bracelets shop at 8:25am.

6:38am: The group of friends (above) always come together. They're the ones who share the hot chocolate.

6:40am: The table of Crumbs cupcakes have disappeared. Maybe they weren't for us after all?

6:41am: The first people in line were here at 1am. They haven't given out any more bracelet colors because there's no one else to give them out to.

7:01am: Okay, so here's the deal: Men will get to shop first. They plan to open a bit earlier than 8am, but they're not sure what time though. Women can then shop at 8am. A couple before me both got bracelets, which means he gets to shop first—but he has to wait for her like a gentleman.

7:05am: We're told they'll scream out the colors. If you miss it, you go in with the next group. Don't miss it!

7:06am: Free Starbucks! I just ran to get coffee and now I see this. Usually I don't have sugar so early, but I can't help myself.

7:12am: There's a guy on line who said he was here earlier and saw the line was okay, so he actually went to another H&M on Lexington to see if there was a smaller line, but he said he came back because he was told the flagship would have more stuff.

7:30am: There were some French girls taking selfies in front of the windows earlier. One of them says she really wants the coats—the wool one, and the jacquard one.

7:37am: About 30 people are left now in line after we were told we could leave. Purple bracelets are being handed out now.

7:40am: Men are being let in now.

7:47am: We're told everyone will be allowed to go inside the store soon to warm up and wait for your turn to shop.

7:59am: It doesn't seem like they're handing out any more bracelets right now, so I'd say only 60 people are in line—it's 20 per group here, and reds will be able to shop at 8am sharp.

8:06am: My group was allowed in the store, but not to shop just yet. Everything's pretty calm now, but there was a little bit of running around. 20 people at a time is quite tame! There's lots of stock, and women's and kid's stuff is all grouped together. Men's is upstairs.

8:13am: The men have finished shopping and came to join their girlfriends on the site. Sme shopping bags are being handed out to stuff with goodies.

8:15am: They're restocking now. Everything's on time! Stacks of dresses are being restocked. A shopper has a game plan and knows where everything he wants is.

8:20am: We were told that all items are restocked!
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