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A Smaller Isabel Marant Crowd at the H&M in Flatiron

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The highly-anticipated Isabel Marant for H&M collaboration debuts at 8am this morning. Employees will hand out bracelets to the first 420 people in line that denote designated 15 minute shopping slots. Racked reporter Esther Levy-Chehebar is on the scene at the Flatiron store.

6:25am: There are about 50 people in line here now. It's cold! The first people in line have been here since 5pm.

6:35am: Naturally, everyone looks like they're freezing. People are making coffee runs for each other. It's nice.

6:36am: They just started handing out bracelets!

6:40am: Just got a red bracelet, which is the first group. They handed out 30.

6:48am: Once you get your bracelet your free to go out and roam. We're told to come back at 8am for our shopping slot.

6:52am: As of now there are only about 70 people in line. Not bad. The first 30 people got red bracelets, and the next color was blue.

7:05am: Making a coffee run! We'll check in soon about how the line has grown.(Kind of feels like they overshot this...)

7:48am: And we're back! There are 30 people with red bracelets in line, and only 15 people with blue bracelets. And there are Crumb cupcakes. Just spoke to an employee handing out bracelets, and he said he expected there to be A LOT more people than there are.

7:54am: They are now giving out full boxes of cupcakes!

8:05am: We're in and it's really calm.

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