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Comfy Seats at the Isabel Marant for H&M Herald Square Launch

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The highly-anticipated Isabel Marant for H&M collaboration debuts at 8am this morning. Employees will hand out bracelets to the first 420 people in line that denote designated 15 minute shopping slots. Racked reporter Claudia Saide is on the scene at the Herald Square store.

6:15am: There are 25 people here on line now. We're in the first group (third in line, arrived at 4:15am!) It's pretty quiet still.

6:25am: There are only about 40 people in line so far.

6:35am: We took chairs from the park at Macy's. People have started copying us. At least we have chairs at Herald.

6:50am: They still haven't handed out cupcakes, but a table of Crumbs cupcakes have arrived. Maybe that's for us?

7:00am: No bracelets so far! There are only about 50 people on line.

7:06am: Free coffee has arrived! But they're asking people to get off the line to retrieve it. So not worth losing a spot.

7:10am: Line looks like it's 70 people deep now. Just got a bracelet for the first group!

7:30am: Line hasn't grown too much—it looks like there are between 80 and 90 people here now.

7:35am: Just found out we're going in at 7:45! They're letting people in early! We're the first group, so that's our slot.

7:44am: Line's about 100 people deep now. And they're really trying to push the free coffee.

8:00am: We made it in! Everything's pretty civilized. Restocking is happening constantly. Stay tuned for a full report of what it was like inside.
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