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Herald Square H&M Shoppers Drop Fat Stacks on Isabel Marant

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Isabel Marant fans began lining up at H&M Herald Square as early as 3am this morning in anticipation for the designer's collaboration. Scheduled to open at 8am, this H&M decided to throw the frozen shoppers a bone by opening 15 minutes ahead of schedule—when your fingers and toes feel frostbitten, every second counts. At 7:45 on the dot, H&M allowed the first of three groups in to the store for their 15-minute shopping slot. And they were off!

The first few minutes inside seemed like complete mayhem. Racks were being emptied within seconds. The first thing to go? The embroidered jackets. Shoppers picked up two, three at a time, maybe even more. But just as the lagging shoppers began to sulk, an H&M employee came in to save the day with armfuls more. A couple of shoppers couldn't even wait for the jackets to hit the racks—they grabbed them right out the poor H&M employee's arms. Guess waiting out in the cold for hours really has its repercussions.

Other pieces to go quickly were the black and white loop-knit cardigans, but again, restocking was equally fast. And as soon as this first group realized that things would be constantly replaced, the chaos died down quite a bit.

Oddly enough, not many shoppers seemed to pay much attention to the shoes and accessories. We saw a few women grab some shoes and boots, but shoppers paid no mind to the jewelry. Everyone was really focused on the womenswear.

Once satisfied with their pickings from the womens' department, a few ladies headed upstairs to check out the mens and childrenswear. Apparently, if you are petite, the children's department is where you should be shopping. One woman announced that all of the sweaters and skirts she purchased were from the girls' section, so we took a peak at her purchases—all really cute.

As our time was up, we headed to the fitting rooms to see if any mayhem ensued, but everything was calm; barely anybody was even trying on. Most shoppers seemed to be making purchases without trying anything on, knowing that they have seven days to return.

And oh how they were buying. We saw one lady drop over $4,000 on her purchase, and another spending over $2,000. These were real diehard Isabel Marant fans. And when considering that an actual Isabel Marant jacket costs more than $2k, it's hard to blame them.

Things were calm by the time we were walking out, and there was only one more group waiting to go in. From the looks of it, nothing was sold out, at least not yet. If you decided to stay in your warm bed this morning, perhaps there is still a chaance of getting a few items on your wishlist.—Claudia Saide
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