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What to Pack for an Isabel Marant for H&M Overnight Campout

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Things to bring: blankets, your BFF, snacks, a warm hat, magazines, and more
Things to bring: blankets, your BFF, snacks, a warm hat, magazines, and more

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Isabel Marant for H&M mania continues to wage on, and with the opening just hours away, it's time to lock down your plans and pack your bags. If last night's preview party was any indication, it's going to be mayhem. One of Racked's own is preparing for a full-blown campout, and a few others plan to line up in the wee hours of the morning with the rest of the masses.

Planning to do the same? Here's what you should pack to ensure a victorious (and warm) shopping experience.—Esther Levy-Chehebar

1. More than one coat: Tonight's forecast is calling for clear skies and a crisp temperature of 30 degrees, so you're going to want to stay warm. Pile on those knits, warm accessories, puffers, and Uniqlo Heattech. A comfy blanket is definitely a smart idea, and if you're feeling extra ambitious, break out that fleece sleeping bag you bought for that camping trip a long, long time ago.

2. Comfort food: If there's one thing worse than the pain of being cold, it's the pain of being hungry. A ravenous stomach can drive even the most disciplined dieters to madness. Pack a ton of snacks: protein bars, pb&j, maybe even some late night street meat from a nearby cart if you're feeling lucky. Don't forget to wash it down with a cup or four of java.

3. A partner: We suggest bringing a friend, or at least someone to chatter teeth with. If you can't find someone crazy enough to brave the madness with you, buddy up with the person next you. The time will pass quicker if you have someone to chat and/or snuggle with, and at some point you're going to need a placeholder while you find a bathroom.

4. Charged batteries As hard as it will inevitably be, try not to incessantly refresh your Twitter feed to the point of 5% battery. Your cellphone will be needed for a multitude of things, including occasionally checking your twitter feed, and providing some light. Try to find and bring a charging phone case—you know, the one haven't used since that camping trip a long, long time ago. If it's lost in the trenches, be sure you bring an actual flashlight - you never know!

5. Reading material Unlike other technological vices, books and magazines will never fail you. Head down to your local bodega, or pick up that sprawling novel you've been putting off reading. No judgement if you decide to bring the 50 Shades trilogy—a page turner is a page turner.

5. A strategy You've waited this long, you've secured your bracelet, and you're ready to go. Chances are, most people will enter the premises in a state of shock after having waited on line for upwards of four hours. Save yourself the setback of flailing around for five minutes before frantically grabbing the first five items you see, and have a plan. We suggests taking one last peek at the lookbook, and deciding exactly what you want to go for. Don't waste time on items you're buying just becauseit's an Isabel Marant collab. Besides, prices are still pretty steep.
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