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Manolo Says Its Sample Sale Is Private, Internet Says Otherwise

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The Manolo Blahnik sample sale officially began today for invited guests, and as usual, the public portion was set to begin tomorrow. However, Manolo Blahnik's press department insisted that the sample sale was private when we inquired about its opening time. (Their exact words: "It is private and I'm unable to release details.")

Today, both Mizhattan and Madison Avenue Spy heard from sources that the sale will indeed be open to the public beginning at 9am. Mizhattan writes: "My contact inside Manolo unequivocally stated the sale will be open to the public. I trust my contact and you should too. The last public sale in May was such a chaotic mess, I believe the brand wants to make sure it doesn't happen again. EVER. So, instead of going with their original plan and confirming the public sale, I surmise they decided to take a page out of Louboutin's playbook and publicize a decoy rumor."

Here's the thing about decoy signs, though—if you use them more than once (Louboutin's has made an appearance at several sales), nobody is going to believe them, especially when things like Instagram exist. If anyone is planning to attend the Manolo sale tomorrow, do know that there will be extra operators standing by the tipline, so feel free to shoot us an email at
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