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Drink Delicious Cocktails at Eater Eve

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Photo: Atisha Paulson

The bar program for Eater's epic event Eater Eve sounds as delicious and as complex as the food.

Peels and Freemans mixologist and Eater Award winner Yana Volfson is creating a classy welcome cocktail made with a combo of Tanqueray, champagne, and absinthe. After that you can grab Adam and Eve's Forbidden Punch which sounds like the greatest gin and apple juice ever. Or you can try the Voodoo that You Do (there is jalapeño in that bad boy), or you could go for the Chapter 8 (a George Dickel sour in layman's terms), or you could sip on Negra Modelo the whole night. The difficult part is deciding what to have first.

This open bar is on top of tastings from 11 of the country's best chefs, live music (provided by Houndmouth), and plenty of other surprises throughout the night. To sweeten the deal, you, our lovely Racked readers, get 20% off, so get your tickets before they're gone. >>