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Southern-Fried Eater Eve Comes with a Side of Veggies

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[Photo: Allison Mannella/Lantern]Contrary to popular belief, the South—and, by extension, our sister site's Southern-themed Eater Eve—has outstanding dishes in its repertoire that aren't deep fried. Like that beautiful looking dish up there. That, friends, is a crispy carrot chaat with black lentils that Andrea Reusing will be making at Eater Eve. Steven Satterfield will be making cornmeal johnny cakes with a kale and fennel slaw (and, admittedly, a side of pulled pork). Linton Hopkins will be serving peanut macaroons topped with (or without) peanut-fed ham.

Fried or not, the dishes at Eater Eve are going to be tops. Couple those tasty treats with three hours of live music and an open bar, and we have a potential best night ever on our hands. Best of all, tickets are now just $100 for our readers, when you use the promo code EATER20. Get yours before they're gone. >>