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Shutdowns: Urban Outfitters Denied Williamsburg Liquor License

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The Fifth Avenue store. Photo by Brian Harkin
The Fifth Avenue store. Photo by Brian Harkin

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Urban Outfitters spent an hour last night explaining why it needs a liquor license for its new Wiliamsburg store to the Community Board, and was denied. DNAinfo reports: "The staff insisted the booze was part of a way to become 'an integral part of the community' with a restaurant, pop-up booths and a rooftop space, but the committee didn't buy their pitch."

Especially not board memeber Rob Solano, who argued: "I go to Ikea and have a sandwich with meatballs, and I don't need a drink. I have no idea where the alcohol fits in." The article adds that the decision will be followed by a board vote next week, "but boards nearly always follow their committees' recommendations."

As for the restaurant, Eater NY heard from a source that LA chef and TV personality Ilan Hall hopes to open a version of The Gorbals inside the store.
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