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The Past Lives of the Furniture at David Duncan Antiques

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For this special edition of Vintage Store Psychic, Roxanne Elizabeth Usleman went to David Duncan Antiques to uncover the past lives of furniture.

So we already know that Rihanna's energy lives at Resurrection Vintage, and Sarah Jessica Parker's is floating around What Goes Around Comes Around, but what's going on at antique stores? For this special episode of Vintage Store Psychic, our sister site Curbed National accompanied Roxanne to David Duncan Antiques, which has been open since 1989, to discover the past lives of the furniture.

In the video above, watch her uncover secrets from a chair that belonged to philanthropist Bunny Mellon and a dressing table that was once owned by Gloria Vanderbilt.
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David Duncan Antiques

247 E 60th Street New York NY