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Steve Madden Almost Evicted From Lexington Avenue Flagship

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Photo via Steve Madden

Even stores have jerk landlords: Steve Madden has been tussling with the landlord at his Lexington Avenue flagship since February 2008 over rent issues. Most recently, the landlord tried to evict the retailer over unpaid rent totaling $369,000. Steve Madden didn't pay the rent because the store actually owed $562,000 by the landlord.

Back up to '08: Steve Madden took the landlord to court over a rent dispute, and the landlord agreed to credit the store $349,000 in rent for January through March 2012. That time came and the landlord "forgot" to apply the credit as Steve Madden continued to pay rent. This summer, the retailer was displaced from the store for two months due to a flood caused by a clogged drainpipe in the building—and they really don't want to pay rent for that time, either. The two sides will face off November 27th (the day before Thanksgiving!) in court.
· Crown blocked from evicting Steve Madden flagship at 720 Lex [The Real Deal]

Steve Madden

720 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY