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Endless Amounts of Clothing Still Left at the Club Monaco Sale

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The Club Monaco sample sale was as packed as ever this morning, with a line stretching nearly halfway down West 36th Sttreet. This probably has something to do with the fact that additional reductions have been taken, making the cheapest item at the sale just $3.

The floor is still packed with clothes, from racks of samples to loads of colorful blazers and trench coats. Everything has now been reduced, but none of the racks really seemed to have dwindled at all. Clothing will also be continuously replenished until the sales' end, however, the same doesn't go for accessories—the substantial amount that was put out today is all that's left. If you were hoping to grab a necklace, hat, gloves, sandals, or beach tote, today is the day to do it.

Price lists with reductions are posted throughout the floor, but here's an idea of what things cost now: tights and sock are $3, gloves, hats, belts, and ties are $5, jewelry is $10, small wallets and accessories are $15, shoes are $20, and leather bags are $25,. Basic tees are $8, cashmere sweaters and blazers are $40, leather is $90, and outerwear is $75.

The staff is still super strict about trying on, so we advise against a covert attempt at slipping on a sweater—you will be caught. The sale continues until Friday at 7pm. See the dealfeed below for more details, and the gallery for pictures of merchandise and additional info on pricing.—Claudia Saide
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