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Punk Teddy Bears, Madonna at the Jean Paul Gaultier Gift Shop

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Museum gift shops are often disappointing—full of fussy overpriced merchandise that even your grandmother would find dull. But the Brooklyn Museum's exhibition shop for The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk includes some really cool items.

But first, let's go over the basics. The show's hardback catalogue is beautiful, but expensive at $125, and there is no paperback edition. It's also really heavy. If you'd like to bring home select photos of the exhibit that weigh less in your arms and in your wallet, then postcards are $2.00 and magnets are $3.95.

Continuing on the somewhat more affordable end of things, look for exhibit-themed tote bags for $10 and $28 and umbrellas for $75 and $80. Mugs and pencil packs are both $12.95. There are a variety of really cool exhibition prints, ranging from $10 to $325, depending on their size and whether they're framed. We loved the Gaultier graffiti one, but suspect the one with the Madonna sketches will be the exhibit's best seller.

There are a few Gaultier collection pieces for sale, all in a glass case. These include purses, ranging from $390 to $1,750, and jewelry, with prices going up to $800—our favorite being a metal cuff that looks like it has buckles on it. If you just want to buy something with a Gaultier label, and you don't really care what, you could head over to Loehmann's in Chelsea. Last time we were there, we spotted a few heavily discounted tops.

The gift shop's clothing selection is more limited, but it's also more fun. Men's and women's short and long sleeved striped sailor T-shirts are $175 to $235. For only $30 or $45, however, you can get the really cool exhibition T- shirts. There are also sailor hats for $9 and berets for $80. Although neither of these were designed by Gaultier, the French-made berets were the actual inspiration for his own hats.

But our favorite gift shop piece is the very cool punk rock Gaultier teddy bear. He's not wearing a cone bra, like the exhibit's Nana bear, but instead is attired in a kilt, striped shirt and chains. Sadly, punk rock Teddy is $150—more couture than chaos—but he sure is cute.
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