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The Last Few Hours of the YSL Sample Sale Aren't Worth It

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One of the remaining few Tribute Sandals ($250) only available in sizes 10.5 and up
One of the remaining few Tribute Sandals ($250) only available in sizes 10.5 and up

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The YSL sample sale ends at 5pm tonight. Markdowns were taken today, and everything except shoes have been marked down an additional 50% off. There are no more Tribtoo or Tribute pumps, aside from a few sizes in 10.5 to 12.5. The only men's shoes that are left are brown Edwin lace-ups and a few low-top sneakers in navy, size 13.

There are also no more gowns, leathers, or coats left in the womenswear department. The main draw appeared to be the belts ($25 for regular, $50 for exotic) and knitwear, which were both dwindling in selection. Remaining apparel includes khaki trousers and skirts, and a few black trousers for larger sizes. Shirts, sweaters, and pants are now $25.

There were a few bracelets left, which are all $25. Sunglasses were scarce and marked down to $50. The men's selection had some suit separates left for $50. Note that the line to pay was huge this afternoon, and very slow—expect to wait around an hour for merchandise that's probably not worth it.—Reporting by Esther Levy-Chehebar
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