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Ten Quilted Vests for Staying Warm Without Breaking a Sweat

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Welcome to Guys Buys, our weekly segment dedicated to our male readers and the ladies who shop for them. Each week, our Menswear Specialist Mickey Sery will bring a roundup of seasonal products for men—whether you need some style assistance or just like to shop.

In these transitional temperatures, you don't want to jump the cold-weather shark by piling on a heavy jacket. Yes they work for the chilly mornings, but once the sun is out those jackets can leave you looking like a sweaty mess. Enter the quilted vest: The insulation keeps you warm, but the lack of sleeves lets your pits breath.

It's the perfect answer to fall, and once winter arrives you can throw any one of them over a jacket to add an extra layer of protection against the cold. We've rounded up ten from brands like Ernest Alexander, Onassis and more to help you stay warm and look cool.
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