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The Bonpoint Children's Sample Sale: Super Cute, Still Pricey

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Yesterday afternoon, New York City's finest mothers gathered outside the Metropolitan Pavilion as they waited to enter the VIP preview for the Bonpoint sample sale, which opened to the public today at 9am. Yesterday's preview drew in a large crowd of mommies on serious missions—they were there to grab as much adorable, high-end French childrenswear for their little ones as they could possibly fit into an oversized plastic shopping bag.

Bonpoint is the cream of the crop when it comes to fancy children's clothes, and the brand's retail prices reflect that. Normally, a silly little graphic tee would cost around $80 or more, for a six-month or two-year-old. At the sale, everything is discounted 60% off, so that silly tee is now $32. Though some might argue that spending even $30 on a T-shirt for a baby is a lot, shoppers at the sample sale were more than happy with the prices.

Sizes begin at newborn and go all the way up to young miss. There's also a table filled with pieces for women, so moms can pick up a piece or two for themselves.

The layette table includes footies in cotton and velour and some two-piece cashmere sets. With the discount, a basic cotton footie costs $46, while something cashmere will cost around $65. The rest of the floor consists of jackets, scarves, hats, sweaters, corduroys, jeans, and a mountain of shoes, all of which are so chic that a grownup might wish that things came in her size.

Most of the clothing is gender neutral up until 18 months, however there are still pieces that are obviously gender specific. Expect to pay about $50 for a wool sweater, $45 for a pair of corduroys, and $60 for a winter hat. There are a lot of ski jackets and snowsuits for both boys and girls, priced between $180 and around $200.

There's a lot to choose from for little girls, like sweaters with ballet slippers for $78, little denim shorts for $54, and tutus for $104. We also stumbled upon a very special fur waistcoat—so special we almost attempted to try it on—that came to $245 with the discount.

If your little one is in need of shoes to match his or her fashionable mommy or daddy, be sure not to skip over the pile of boxes toward the back of the floor. There are a ton to sort through, and every pair is cuter than the next. Girl's patent leather buckle shoes cost $102, and a pair of brown leather boots were $144.

There a lot of button-downs for boys for roughly $66, as well as winter coats and jackets beginning at around $130. For little boys who like to pretend they're going to work, pick up a leather briefcase for $168.

The brand also makes tights, socks, belts, scarves, and mittens to go along with all of the clothes, and many of these items can be found at the sale. There are socks and tights for $26, knit hats for $66 and gloves for $44.

Before you get on line to pay, head over to the sorting station to make sure that everything squeezed into that large plastic bag is a keeper. If you're planning to stop by, you might want to get to the sale as quickly as possible, because there will be no restocking or additional markdowns taken. If yesterday's line is any indication, today could be quite chaotic. Check the dealfeed below for more info and the gallery above to see pictures of all the clothes.—Claudia Saide
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