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A Look at Sucre's Eclectic Mix on Bleecker Street

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Introducing What's In Store, a new Racked feature where we fill you in on what's in stock at the city's best stores right this second.

Photos by Rebecca Dale.

Sucre is a dying breed on Bleecker Street: independently owned, multi-brand, and truly unique inventory. Luckily, this works to owner Candace Mohr's advantage, as locals and tourists alike delight in discovering treasures from seriously under-the-radar jewelry designers and walking away with pieces no one else has.

As we shot some of the standout items in stock, Candace told us a little about her process for selecting brands, which has little to do with trade shows. The accessories fanatic has chased people on the street to find out where they got pieces, and routinely brings in the work of big name designers' assistants. Right now, the store has everything from slightly gothic (including an incredible spiderweb cuff with attached spider ring—hello, Halloween) to drop-dead gorgeous (Lulu Frost whereuat?). Click through our images for a sampling, and stop by the West Village shop for the expansive selection.

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