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Today's Zadig & Voltaire Sample Sale Preview Was Totally Packed

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Zadig & Voltaire hosted a Gilt City preview of its sample sale today, and it was as packed as ever. The sale opens to the public tomorrow morning at 260 Fifth Avenue, and although the preview felt as crowded as a DVF sample sale, there should still be more than enough left to shop.

If you're used to the way 260 usually sets up its sample sales, this one might throw you for a bit of a loop, so be prepared to set aside some extra time. There is a price list, but it is rather lengthy and somewhat difficult to decode. There are no set prices per category, and everything is priced differently. For example, if you pick up a sweater it will cost you $190 if it's cashmere, $130 if it is considered chunky, or $80 if it's cotton.

There are prices affixed to all of the racks, however being that there is so much apparel, things have been getting mixed up. If you grab a flowy tank from the $85 rack, it could end up costing you $130 if it turns out to be silk.

Once you get passed the confusion, focus on the mass amount of clothing. There are coats with studs for $330, parkas for $280, suede jackets for $400, and leather pants for $300. There are racks filled with all sorts of blazers, from simple velour to brocade prints. These are $190.

Sequin clothing is in a category of its own, with dresses for $230, tops for $130, and vests for $150. Denim is off to the side, and priced at $50. You will also find button-downs for $85, shorts for $50, and short skirts for $60. This is a stock sale, so there are styles in every size. The racks are technically arranged by size, however, again, clothing is getting mixed up.

In terms of accessories, there are shoes for $110 and boots for $220, belts for $65, and hats and gloves for $35. Bags are priced according to retail. If a bag retailed for under $149, it costs $35, between $150 and $199 it will be $55.

Things are much simpler for the little Zadig & Voltaire fans.There are two racks of adorable baby and children's clothing across from the dressing room. Jackets are $55, knitwear is $40, and jersey is $25.

The men's section is also a bit easier to navigate, but perhaps because there is just not as much apparel. The full list of men's pricing is in the gallery above, but here's the gist: Denim, pants, and sweatshirts are all $60. Cardigans are $120, but cashmere cardigans are $220. Cotton sweaters are $90, chunky knit sweaters are $120, and cashmere sweaters are $190.

Button-up shirts are $75, and jersey tops are $40. Blazers are $220, sports jackets are $150, and military jackets are $250. Pricier outerwear, like leather jackets, are $350.

The same styles on the floor will be restocked, and the sale runs until Sunday. See the dealfeed below for more info, and the gallery above for photos.—Claudia Saide
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260 Sample Sale

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