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Endless Lace Thongs and Bras at the Hanky Panky Sample Sale

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The Hanky Panky sample sale was off to a busy start today. Held at Chelsea Market, shoppers were instructed to wait out in the chilly October air until the sale began at noon. By the time the doors opened at 11:58, the line was filled with over 70 ladies.

Once inside, most shoppers headed straight to another line, where the signature lace thongs were available to order. Displayed on the walls, thongs are arranged by number that can be picked up before heading to the check out. Each is $11 a pop, but if you buy 12, you get an additional thong for free. Most women were ordering at least 24.

Everything else is arranged in bins and racks, save for the bridal collection, which is kept separately. The merchandise includes lace camis, bralettes, boyshorts, cotton pjs, and even a few slips. A master price list is affixed to the walls, however Hanky Panky diligently priced each and every box and rack to avoid any confusion. Everthing is further arranged by category and size.

On the lefthand side of the floor are babydolls and chemises for $35, signature lace camis for $16, teddies and bodysuits for $25, slips for $15, and cotton pajama tops and bottoms for $15 each.

The center of the floor consists mainly of bras, bralettes, and all sorts of underwear. Bralettes are $17, regular bras are $25, lace boyshorts are $13, and bikinis are $12. There are bins containing underwear and bras from the Hello Kitty collection, and a couple of boxes of the After Midnight collection. The stock truly seemed endless, and it will even continue to be refilled.

The sale runs until Wednesday, and no word yet on additional markdowns. See the dealfeed for more info, and the gallery above to get a better visual.—Claudia Saide
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